Spoiler Alert – Far Cry Primal Endings and Post-Credits Scene

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Far Cry Primal enables players to fulfill their power fantasies of riding a saber tooth tiger, running with the mammoths, and proving that sticks and stones really can break bones. While we found that it didn’t have the strongest narrative, there were still story missions and a few endings to the small character arcs that crop up throughout the journey.

Be warned, from here forward there are major spoilers for Far Cry Primal. If you don’t want to be spoiled, turn away now. If you haven’t read our SPOILER FREE review, you should click here to go check it out. 

As usual, we’re featuring a related picture as the great divide between you and the cave painting that reveals everything about the end of Far Cry Primal


Far Cry Primal has an open mission structure, meaning that everything can be done in almost any order. While it makes the overall narrative lack strength or cohesion, each arc does have an ultimate conclusion, including the finishing off Batari and Ull, and resolving conflicts with people in the Wenja village. 

First up, we’re looking at the death of Ull, leader of the cannibalistic Udam. His ending ties closely in to the post credits scene that we’ve got further down, so make sure you watch this one to understand that final scene. 

Far Cry Primal Udam Ending – Death of Ull

Next up is talking to Dah, the Udam warrior that is brought to the Wenja village. He has one final request for Takkar before the game finishes out. 

Far Cry Primal – Dah’s Final Request

Here’s how Far Cry Primal ends. If you’re underwhelmed by what you see, don’t blame me. I just recorded the ending for you to view here. 

Far Cry Primal Ending

And finally, there is a short scene after the credits. The scene relates to the Udam ending with Ull’s death and the Udam child above, so make sure you check that one out first to get an understanding for why this scene is so important. 

Far Cry Primal Post-Credits Scene

What do you think of the Far Cry Primal endings? Did the story accurately reflect the primitive nature of the game, or did you find it to be thin and disengaging? Feel free to discuss Far Cry Primal’s story and endings below, and stay tuned for PlayStation LifeStyle’s next Spoiler Alert feature to discuss spoilers on the biggest games. 

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