Dana Gets Out of Adol’s Dreams, Into His Car; Except She Probably Doesn’t Actually Do That

Adol Christian, the famous protagonist of all Ys games, will be joined in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana by one Dana, seen in these images as a blue-haired lady. You might say she’s Adol’s “dream girl,” as he meets her there. In related news, I’ve played so many video games that I just read that and then typed it as if it were nothing. I was just like, “Yeah.”

Players move the story along by controlling Adol and Dana intermittently, the former having been (as usual) washed up on a beach and the latter existing within his dreams. Screenshots incoming!

Dana uses twin moon swords — seen in the images above — in battle and is a speedy attacker.

I also just looked up what “Lacrimosa” means on the internet, because I had no idea this was a word. Apparently it means “weeping” in Latin. It was also a hilariously bad German band and shitty Evanescence song. Be careful if you click that YouTube link, because then it’s gonna recommend really bad music to you all the time.

Falcom’s Ys VIII for PS4 and Vita doesn’t yet have any exact release dates, but is expected in Japan some time this summer.