Sony Begins Rolling Out Free Codes to Compensate 2011 PSN Breach

Almost five years after the 2011 PSN breach, Sony has started rolling out compensation to those affected by the cyber attack, which then resulted in a class-action lawsuit.

First spotted by Game Informer, users who filed a claim back in January of 2015 are advised to check their email accounts. It should be noted that only those who were in possession of a PlayStation Network, Qriocity, or Sony Online Entertainment account before May 15, 2011 were entitled to file a claim. 

Compensation varies depending on the account, and you can find a detailed breakdown of those options below. 

  • Payment equal to paid wallet balances (if $2 or more) in PSN or SOE accounts that have been inactive since the intrusions.
  • One or more of the following: a free PS3 or PSP game (see the list of games here), three free PS3 themes, or a free three-month subscription to PlayStation Plus.
  • A free month of Music Unlimited for Qriocity account holders who did not have a PSN account.
  • $4.50 in SOE Station Cash.

Should you select a free digital copy of a PS3 or PSP game, your resulting email will look a little something like this. 


Tell us, have you come across an email of this kind from Sony? 

[Source: Game Informer]