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Watch a Real Life Hitman Mission Unfold

If you ever wanted to see a real life Agent 47 do a hit and the abysmal movies weren’t enough, then this might do the trick! In a press announcement, Io Interactive has partnered with Realm Pictures to create a rather unique take on video game marketing for Hitman

In the video above, you’ll get to see YouTubers such as AliA, NukemDukem, SUP3R KONAR and Pietsmiet, act as Agent 47’s handlers. And to further add to the experience, Jane Perry, the voice actress behind Agent 47’s handler Diana Burnwood also present.

Check out the press release below.

In order to be as close to the fantasy as possible, the crew setup a bespoke handler room outfitted with CCTV feeds, a briefcase containing the mission briefing and a phone that would come in handy numerous times during the mission. Participants had access to a computer used for hacking key elements in the real world environment built by Realm Pictures as well as a direct line to Agent 47 himself. To further add to the experience, Io-Interactive sent Agent 47 voice actor David Bateson to lend his talents to the experience.

You can check out how Realm Pictures made this all possible in this behind-the-scenes video.

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