Developer Aiming to Release All Hitman Episodes “By the End of Summer”

On the heels of last week’s premiere episode, developer IO Interactive has committed to a monthly release schedule for Hitman, one that will ensure every instalment is released “by the end of summer.”

That’s according to IO’s Twitter feed, noting that all seven episodes are due to roll out “over the following months.” Should those plans remain in place, it would tentatively place the season finale for a release in September. 

Following his Parisian debut, Agent 47’s next outing will whisk IO Interactive’s killer on a mission to Italy, followed swiftly by Morocco in May. Beyond that, players can look forward to Thailand, Japan, the States and a final location that is still to be unveiled.

Per Twitter:

There’s also mention of a bug relating to the in-game Requiem Pack items. IO Interactive notes that the glitch came to light after update version 1.02, and that the developer is currently investigating the problem. 

Launching for PlayStation 4 late last week, our review notes that Square Enix’s Hitman reboot is off to a strong and compelling start. A retail version bundling together all seven episodes will drop in early 2017

[Source: Twitter]