PlayStation VR Launch Titles Include RIGS, Until Dawn, EVE: Valkyrie, Rez Infinite & More

When PlayStation VR releases in October 2016 for $399 USD, The Playroom VR from Sony Japan Studio will be available on day one as a free download from the PlayStation Store. As Sony explained, “The Playroom VR will include 6 games which will allow all users, including those new to PS VR, to intuitively enjoy VR experiences with other users.”

Also expected at launch from Sony are RIGS: Mechanized Combat League (Guerrilla Cambridge), Tumble VR (Supermassive Games), Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (Supermassive Games), and PlayStation VR Worlds (Sony London Studio). As the company notes though, these titles could release anywhere from October 2016 – December 31, 2016.

By the end of 2016, Sony is expecting over 50 games to be available for PlayStation VR. In addition to the above first-party titles, you’ll see Eagle Flight (Ubisoft), EVE: Valkyrie (CCP Games), Headmaster (Frame Interactive), Rez Infinite (Enhance Games), and Wayward Sky (Uber Entertainment). The Star Wars Battlefront “gaming experience” for PSVR from EA and DICE is also expected this year.

If new listings from Amazon UK are to be believed, RIGS and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will cost £49.99, which typically translates to $59.99 USD.

What do you think of Sony’s first-party launch titles for PSVR?

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