The VOTE: PlayStation VR Pre-Orders

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Last week we asked about a hot button topic among the readers of PlayStation LifeStyle. With so many games going online for the breadth of their features, we wanted to know what you thought about this trend in the industry. Is it something that’s ruining games, or merely an advancement of the technology that we need to accept despite its shortcomings? The vast majority of you think it’s a bad trend, clocking in at 60% of our readers. 12% don’t like it, but deal with it anyway. Nearly a fourth of you think that if the game benefits, then it should absolutely be a part of it. 2% think that all games ever should be online, and another 2% had other opinions about the matter. Fortunately no one actually answered with “What’s online?” and given that the poll was located on the internet, it makes quite a bit of sense. 

This week has been a big one for the likes of PlayStation VR and everybody waiting to get their hands on Sony’s virtual reality solution. Sony announced pricing and release date (well, release month anyway), and has slowly started opening up pre-orders around the world for the head mounted display. As the days count down and the prospect of consumer VR becomes more real, we want to know what your position is on the technology. Are you going to be pre-ordering to get one on launch day? Will you wait and think about it leading up to release? Or are you going to let the day one adopters check it out before deciding to purchase for yourself? Let us know where you stand on VR by voting below. 

PlayStation VR’s price and release date have been announced, and pre orders are starting to open up around the wor… in PlayStation LifeStyle’s Hangs on LockerDome

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