Dimensional Intersection Is A “Music Visualizer Experience” Hitting PlayStation VR, Oculus & Steam This Fall

From publisher Nicalis and developer DNV, Dimensional Intersection is an interactive virtual reality “music visualizer experience” coming to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Steam in fall 2016.

Supporting one player and featuring music from artists such as Soulacybin, Land Switcher and MONS, Dimensional Intersection allows you to interact with an ever-changing world. “Dimensional Intersection’s meditative gameplay syncs with the music and creates surreal environments that continuously morph and evolve over time, with a grand sense of scale in a physics-driven world,” Nicalis explains. “Dimensional Intersection is a truly unique journey where players will lose themselves while exploring new virtual realities.”

Here’s a list of features:

  • Psytrance, Hyper-Chill, and Psydub music wisp you away as you explore a completely different reality with your eyes and ears
  • Immerse yourself in hyper realistic scenes filled with interactive realtime fractalsinfinite tunnelsmorphing 3d models, particles, more particles, even more particles and beautiful bloom
  • Meditative gameplay using music sync and otherworldly visual environments that continuously morph and evolve with the music as the player navigates through the game
  • Experience a grand sense of scale and physics, combined with visual & auditory stimulus while observing the surroundings in an ever-flowing dreamlike realm
  • A truly unique journey where you can lose yourself and disappear into the new and unexplored dimensions of virtual reality

Nicalis Founder Tyrone Rodriguez said, “Dimensional Intersection is a crazy experience that distills music into the purest form. It’s being developed in [the city of Anjuna in Goa, India] a place very close to the origin of psytrance and that influence is evident in the game.”