Final Fantasy XV’s Story Takes 50 Hours to Beat, Square Enix Targeting 30fps

Last year, Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata revealed that their original goal was to have the story beatable within 40 hours. In a new interview with Famitsu translated by Siliconera, he upped the number to 50 hours because the game has more volume than they thought it would.

Looking at development, Square Enix is currently at the stage of making optimal balances in Final Fantasy XV, but they aren’t at the final balancing stages. Also, while 30 frames-per-second is their target, it does dip below 30 at times because it hasn’t been completely optimized yet. If for some reason they can’t hit a stable 30fps, they’ll do something different.

On March 30, the Final Fantasy Uncovered event in Los Angeles will reveal FFXV’s release date. As Tabata added in the interview, we’ll also learn about FFXV’s resolution, there will be a Japanese trailer, and Square Enix has plenty of surprises lined up.

Additionally, Cactuars will be in FFXV as powerful enemies able to dodge Shift Breaks, and the introduction of the Airship will have you saying, “‘This is the kind of Airship that should be in Final Fantasy XV.'”

[Source: Game Jouhou via Siliconera]