Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Enemies Detailed

DICE has revealed the types of enemies that players will be facing in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and has explained how they can be defeated. 

First up, we have the Guardians whose job is to make sure that the Conglomerate’s policies are adhered to and job performance remains high. Guardians offer little challenge so players shouldn’t have difficulty dealing with them. However, the Protectors (who are the next level up) can be a “serious threat,” especially if they’re found in groups. They can resist damage, counter attacks and even retaliate. According to the developer:

KrugerSec has a class of units called Shock Protectors trained and ready to handle large groups or difficult employs or loCastes. Equipped with the Kinetic Pacifier, one or two can effectively corral large groups and force them to the ground.

Shock Protectors are tough and extremely resistant to direct attacks. Keep moving and use your momentum to attack while traversing the environment. If you get stuck on the ground, shift away from their attacks and counter with a kick from behind. If you’ve unlocked “Stun Advantage”, you can take advantage of a stunned or stumbling Shock Protector by shifting in close and delivering a few quick punches before breaking away to rebuild your speed and keep out of range.

Next, we have the Enforcers who are “trained in tactical positioning and high damage ranged combat.”

When in combat with the Enforcers, keep moving and keep your Focus high. Close distances fast and take them out quickly – ignoring them can be fatal. They are hesitant to fire near friendlies which can be used to your advantage.

The toughest enemy that players will encounter are the Sentinel – a highly-trained elite force deployed by KrugerSec. Here’s how to defeat them:

The Sentinels are fast, tenacious, and quick to deliver punishment. When facing a Sentinel, keep moving, do advanced traversal to build some distance, and attack from the air as much as possible to avoid being countered. Taking them on face to face is difficult as they can knock you off your feet with a single heavy punch before following up quickly with sequence of attacks designed to beat you into submission. The “Switch Place” move is extremely useful and can help level the playing field.

To learn more about the aforementioned enemies, follow the source link below. 

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst releases on May 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Mirror’s Edge]