Street Fighter V Update Heralds Alternate Costumes for Fighters, Physics Tweaks

Having already launched the first part of Street Fighter V‘s anticipated March update, bringing with it new modes and various improvements, Capcom is prepping for the arrival of DLC character Alex on March 30 at 10am PT.

There’s also the addition of an in-game shop with tomorrow’s patch, though NeoGAF user Garret Hawke has unearthed alternate costumes for many of the brawler’s core characters. You can find those in the gallery below. 

In paving the way for the second part of SFV‘s March update, Eurogamer reports that Capcom has also tweaked certain elements of the game — specifically, Chun-Li’s boob physics. Said animations were emphasized during the character select screen, though the studio has now patched out the known issue. 

As for those alternate looks, you can find a screengrab of each below, including a really rather eccentric new look for Ken. 

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