Here’s an Overview of Metal Gear Online’s Upcoming Survival Mode

Metal Gear Online is scheduled to receive update 1.11 soon, and with the update comes a new Survival Mode that “groups 6 players into consecutive matches aiming to gain a win streak of 5 or more matches and earn special rewards.” Konami has now released the video above, offering an overview of the mode. 

Additional information provided via the latest Designer’s Notes is as follows:

SURVIVAL is available to all players for a total of 10 attempts per week, but for those players who’ve purchased the [CLOAKED IN SILENCE] Expansion DLC, you can attempt the new match mode an unlimited number of times. If you still haven’t acquired the new DLC, SURVIVAL also lets you try out the brand new maps previously exclusive to purchase. Check out the new maps and SURVIVAL for free, then play them both longer by picking up [CLOAKED IN SILENCE].

Update 1.11 will be out on April 7.

[Source: Konami]