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David Hayter Clarifies Metal Gear “Debacle” Comments: “It’s Not Personal, It’s Business”

Two weeks ago, esteemed voice actor and screenwriter David Hayter opened up about his Metal Gear “debacle” and the alleged fallout between him, Konami and Hideo Kojima. 

Abruptly replaced by Kiefer Sutherland for both Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Hayter spoke about how he was forced to re-audition for Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots, even stating that he had no particular love for Kojima himself. 

Now, speaking with YouTube user YongYea, Hayter has clarified those comments somewhat, revealing that he wants voice actors “to be able to stand up for themselves.”

“The reason I brought up my feelings about Kojima and about the whole thing is because I want voice actors to be able to stand up for themselves. I can stand up for myself in ways actors can’t because I don’t need the work. I have got lots of money, I have this other amazing career. You know, somebody wrote me this latter and I got really mad at him, saying “If you are going to keep doing this you are never gonna get work as an actor again,” and I am like a. That is not true. b. Shut up! and c. I’d be okay if I never have to work again. I mean I would never want that but I have got more acting work now that I know what to do with.

As an accomplished screenwriter and actor, David Hayter’s career spans much further than the voice booth. Even still, while he admitted that the events that transpired were purely business related, Hayter conceded that it “was kind of shitty and kind of disrespectful” from his perspective. 

So basically that is why I said what I said. I wanted everyone to understand what the situation was so that other voice actors are in the same situation and they are threatened with being fired for whatever reason, they are asking for more money or they want more publicity or whatever that they know how it can play out, where they can be brave and where they should be prudent. But beyond that I am very happy with my experience with Metal Gear. I am thrilled with how my story ended. It was kind of shitty and kind of disrespectful. I kind of feel that I did a lot for the games but again, it’s not personal, it’s business. So for all the people who are like he is upset or unemployed, none of that is true.”

What do our readers think about David Hayter’s abrupt removal from the Metal Gear Solid franchise? 

[Source: YongYea (YouTube)]