Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Expansion Lands on PS4 in Spring 2016

An expansion to Don’t Starve, Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked is coming to PlayStation 4 in spring 2016, Capybara Games and Klei Entertainment announced.

Developed by Capybara Games (Super Time Force Ultra) after Klei gave them free reign on the expansion, Shipwrecked takes you to a new world of desert island featuring new biomes, creatures, bosses, weapons, and ways to avoid starvation. As Designer Dan Vader explained, the biggest draw for Shipwrecked is the ability to craft boats and take them on the water:

Hop in a sailboat and chart new corners of the mysterious archipelago, paddle a raft through the crashing waves and shout “Land Ho!” when you spot a newly discovered jungle island, find treasure maps that lead to buried riches, or fire cannons at pursuing sea monsters or schools of surface-slicing fins. To us, the rich mythos of shipwreck and pirate castaway lore was a perfect fit for Don’t Starve’s survival gameplay, and the expansion into seafaring offers a new set of challenges to established players.

Asked about a PlayStation Vita version, Klei’s Corey Rollins said, “Maybe! We’re looking in to it, but we’re not sure what’s possible yet. If we end up being able to bring Shipwrecked over to Vita we’ll let everyone know.”

Rollins then helped clear up whether or not Don’t Starve Together is also an expansion:

Shipwrecked will be an expansion, requiring the original game (you can connect your worlds).

Don’t Starve Together will release as a separate game (standalone) that will get its own multiplayer specific content & updates. Also any content from classic DS and the previous Reign of Giants expansion that exists in Together, has been re-tuned for multiplayer.

Will you be getting Shipwrecked?

[Source: PS Blog; Launch trailer is for the PC version]