Every The Division Player Gets 150 Phoenix Credits This Weekend Upon Logging In

In today’s State of the Game report for The Division, Ubisoft revealed that they’ll be giving every player who logs in this weekend 150 Phoenix Credits, to make up for the missing dailies over the last few days.

Additionally, if you experienced the Backpack issue and/or the deleted characters issue, you’ll receive these rewards within the next few days as compensation:

  • 500 Phoenix Credits
  • 10 High-End Electronics
  • 10 High-End Tools
  • 10 High-End Fabrics
  • 10 High-End Weapon Parts
  • 10 High-End Division Tech

While this morning’s maintenance just “made some server tweaks to further improve the online experience,” Ubisoft says fixing exploits is a top priority, so a new fix for Falcon Lost should arrive in a few days.

For potential future changes, The Division development team is looking into these suggestions from players:

  • Commo rose, a list of expressions to help coordinate without voice chat
  • The Extraction list taking too much screen space
  • Lock groups in missions to counteract kicking before the boss
  • Short immunity timer when leaving DZ checkpoints / Safe houses
  • PC Specific: be able to link gear in chat

Elsewhere in the State of the Game, Ubisoft announced that the second Operation ISAC weekly assignment is live, giving you 30 Phoenix Credits for completing these objectives:

  • Kill 40 Veteran enemies in the Dark Zone
  • Convert 15 green or higher quality materials to a higher quality
  • Kill 40 NPCs with explosions
  • Complete 10 Main Missions on Hard or Challenging difficulty

Will you be playing The Division this weekend?

[Source: The Division]