Report: Destiny Rise of Iron Expansion Poster Leaked, Destiny 2 Rebooted

Appearing on Reddit yesterday, the above poster suggests that this year’s Destiny expansion will be titled Rise of Iron.

Shortly after the poster was revealed, Kotaku spoke to sources familiar with Bungie who confirmed that it’s real and Rise of Iron will feature a new raid and be bigger than the two Year One DLC packs. According to one of the sources, the raid in Rise of Iron will be loosely based on the one cut from House of Wolves, which was previously expected in April before getting delayed.

Rise of Iron should be revealed at E3 next month, with a September 2016 release likely.

Kotaku is also reporting that next year’s Destiny 2 recently underwent a reboot, and The Taken King’s Game Director Luke Smith has taken over following a staff reorganization. It remains to be seen if the reboot is for the entire game or, as was reportedly the case with the first Destiny, just the story.

What do you think we’ll see from Rise of Iron?

[Source: Reddit, Kotaku]