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Homefront Dev Says It’s “Difficult to Worry” About Competition in the Games Industry This Month

This month saw several big releases including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, DOOM, Battleborn, and now, Overwatch. But will the busy month impact sales at all? According to Homefront: The Revolution‘s narrative designer, Stephen Rhodes, people will eventually pick up all the games that appeal to them so neither the competition nor sales should be a concern at this time. Speaking to MCV UK, Rhodes said that it’s “difficult to worry” about competition this month, especially since it’s “so random” in the games industry.

You look at May 2015 and there was only really The Witcher 3. Fast forward 12 months and there’s ten massive high-budget releases coming out in May. You can’t really worry about it because there are so many different publishers and so many companies who have games to release. They all just seem to pick times, almost at random. This year, everyone releases in May and that’s fine. But they’re all very different titles and people will pick up the releases that appeal to them.

If not, there’s the entire summer. I can’t imagine June, July and August are going to be busy because they never are. It gives everyone a chance to buy all the games that dropped in May because there’s no way everyone is buying all of them.

Do our readers agree with Rhodes? Have you picked up all the games that enticed you this month or will be picking them up at different times of the year? Let us know.

[Source: MCV UK]