Chinese Mobile Game League of Titans Looks an Awful Lot Like Overwatch

Just as Blizzard preps for the imminent launch of Overwatch, one Reddit user has unearthed concept art for a Chinese mobile game called League of Titans, and it looks an awful lot like the publisher’s hero shooter. 

Pulled from what looks to be an investor pitch (you can find all pictures in the gallery below), one slide even makes mention to a “FPS+MOBA” hybrid, while the character design and heads-up display is practically tit-for-tat. 

Meanwhile, circling back to Overwatch itself and Blizzard is staging a massive marketing campaign to drum up excitement for the shooter. That involved placing larger-than-life statues around the world, while there’s also mention of an upcoming Clueless Gamer episode featuring Game of Thrones stalwarts, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey.

Overwatch launches tomorrow, May 24. To get up to speed with Blizzard’s shooter, be sure to consult our handy Beginner’s Guide

[Source: Reddit, Imgur]