The Surge Screenshots Shows Us the Enemies We’ll Be Facing

Publisher Focus Home Interactive has released two new screenshots for Deck 13’s (Lords of the Fallen) upcoming sci-fi RPG, The Surge.

In it, we see game protagonist Warren with his exoskeleton suit facing off against some of his enemies. 

Here’s part of the official press release where The Surge screenshots are discussed:

The screenshots revealed today show off some of the security forces you’ll be facing in your adventure. They use the same exo-suit technology as you but have tools built for combat, making them incredibly deadly foes. In The Surge, you will not just be facing opponents your own size; towering mechanical enemies armed to the teeth are ready to face against you. 


Here’s some of the game’s key features in case you’re curious. 

  • Tight, visceral hardcore action RPG combat with make-shift industrial weapons
  • A unique dismemberment and upgrade system utilizing cybernetic implants
  • Fight in a dystopian world full of mystery and learn about the events surrounding The Surge
  • Battle an array of huge industrial bosses
  • Craft, upgrade, and build new weapons with loot and blueprints

The Surge will be at next month’s E3, and will be out for the PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017.