GameStop Expects E3 2016 to Focus on New Console Announcements, Key 2016 Games

With rumors swirling about the potential PlayStation 4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio hardware revisions, GameStop believes they’ll be announced at E3 2016 next month.

During their earnings call yesterday, GameStop CEO Paul Raines said, “We are excited about E3 and expect to hear major news on virtual reality and potential new consoles.”

Later on in the call, COO Tony Bartel added, “We expect E3 to focus on key titles in the back half of the year and console announcements. We also expect VR to generate significant gaming consumer and press interest.”

Despite their anticipation of new console announcements at E3, GameStop isn’t “speculating on any new Microsoft or Sony consoles at this point” when it comes to their earnings forecast.

Bartel also revealed that they’ve sold four million PlayStation 4s in the United States – which is 10% of the 40 million PS4s sold worldwide since launch.

Do you think new console announcements will be the focus of E3?

[Source: Seeking Alpha]