Final Fantasy XV Game Director Talks the Game World, Fast Travel, Difficulty Settings & More

In a new Japanese Active Time Report, Final Fantasy XV Game Director Hajime Tabata answered a number of questions about the game, saying that it doesn’t feature an open world where you can go wherever you like. However, the further you progress in the main quest, the more places you’ll be able to go.

Additionally, you can save the game at any time (you don’t have to be at camp), you can return to previously visited areas so long as it’s before the final boss, and you can fast travel to camp sites from the map.

Tabata also discussed the gameplay, saying the action isn’t very difficult and there will be different difficulty settings. For combat, there’s seven types of standard weapon categories, and each category has a variety of weapons.

Asked about the potential graphics downgrade in the Platinum Demo and when we’ll see the full game’s graphics, Tabata said, “Please look forward to E3.”

Other game details include the fact that you can’t climb, there’s a system similar to a skill tree, cars are faster than chocobos, you can’t control the boat (you can move the camera around though), there aren’t any plans for a camera mode, a gallery mode may be added post-launch, there are more than 10 songs from previous Final Fantasy games to listen to in the car, and crashing the car from flight will result in game over, but Tabata says landing isn’t difficult.

Meanwhile, the second episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is expected around E3 2016, and Tabata wants to release a PlayStation 4 bundle but the decision is up to Sony.

Another Active Time Report is scheduled for June 13, the day before E3 2016 officially begins.

Final Fantasy XV releases on September 30 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[Source: Dengeki Online, Games Talk via Gematsu]