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Remedy Entertainment Has Two New Titles in the Works, One With “Brand New Partner”

Quantum Break studio Remedy Entertainment has grown to such an extent that the company can now branch off into two development teams — subsequently overseeing a pair of new games — with one project in the works set to arrive via a “brand new partner” in lieu of Microsoft. 

Word comes by way of a Remedy blog post (via Polygon), where Business Director Johannnes Paloheimo noted that said title is currently in the concept stage and seeking a publisher. 

“We have to respect our partner and it’s up to them to decide when they want to talk about the game. We are constantly seeking and talking about business opportunities. It’s a very long process, a very complicated one. Many, many stars need to align.”

It’s unclear as of yet whether Paloheimo is referring to a brand new IP or a possible return to the Quantum Break series. One thing that is immediatley apparent, though, is that Alan Wake remains off the table, according to Head of Communication Thomas Puha.

“We’re not currently working on an Alan Wake game. We talked with [Polygon] about Alan Wake almost a year ago and our stance hasn’t changed. If the right opportunity came along we would like to do more. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one in the future. We just don’t want to tease people and give them the wrong impression.”

What do you make of Remedy’s early plans for the future? Would you be interested in a multi-platform release from the studio in the vein of Max Payne?

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