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E3 2016 – Battlefield 1 Classes Detailed, New Gameplay Takes to the Skies

Electronic Arts and developer DICE continue to peel back the layers of Battlefield 1, with the latest info dump revealing four of the shooter’s multiplayer maps, along with gameplay pulled from yesterday’s EA Play event. 

Shedding light on those arenas — entitled Amiens, The St. Quentin Scar, Monte Grappa and Empire’s Edge – the gallery below includes brief descriptions of each map.

As for gameplay, a pair of YouTube clips demonstrate aerial combat and what it’s like to take point as the game’s Assault class. Speaking of which, Battlefield 1 has four classes for infantry: Assaults, Medics, Scouts and Support. Vehicles, on the other hand, will be accessible via the Pilot and Tanker classes. 

Battlefield 1 also introduces Operations, an all-new online mode “where your actions have consequences beyond a single match.” Speaking to IBTimes UK, Producer Andreas Morell stated: 

“So you’ll be playing St Quentin Scar, that’s the first map which would lead on – if you manage to push the defenders off the map – to a fight inside Amiens. It’s that sequence of battles over several months that we can do.”

Alas, it appears players won’t be able to select a female soldier in the shooter’s multiplayer component. Per Eurogamer: 

You’ve been great about diversity. There will be female soldiers.

We revealed the female soldier you’ll get to play as part of the campaign. For us, we wanted to stick to authenticity but also do it in a respectful way and an inclusive way, where we portray the different armies – not always as it was, but to portray the multitude of soldiers that fought within the different armies, showing this war in a modern way as part of what DICE believes and what Battlefield believes.

Can you choose a female soldier in multiplayer?

No, not in multiplayer. Just in single-player.

Battlefield 1 has been slated for an October 21 release across PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

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