Battlefield 2042 Will Feature a Single Player Option That Pits Players Against AI Controlled Soldiers

Battlefield 2042 will include various options for the multiplayer Conquest and Breakthrough game modes, including a solo single-player option that will let players play alone against AI-controlled soldiers. While online matches will have a massive 128-player lobby, developer DICE says that AI soldiers will still be used for “server-filling capabilities” even in normal matches.

Both Conquest and Breakthrough were present in previous iterations of the series, with Conquest first introduced in Battlefield 1942 back in 2002, and Breakthrough more recently in Battlefield 1 and V. Due to the upcoming game’s large map sizes, Conquest will be split into smaller areas called “Sectors”, with each sector containing multiple control points. Breakthrough, on the other hand, will pit an attacking team against a defending team with the task of pushing the front to try to reach and capture the enemy’s base area.

Additionally, Battlefield 2042 will provide players with “expanded vehicle and traversal options” to make traveling through all of these areas easier. One of the newer additions is a call-in system, where players will be able to airdrop vehicles to any part of the map instead of spawning into them. DICE also mentions that it will be “going back to Battlefield‘s roots” by allowing players to find vehicles on the battlefield as well.

Finally, DICE is adding three options for the above multiplayer game modes. While it states that Battlefield 2042 is a “multiplayer-only experience” the game still technically offers a way to play alone, even if it’s not a traditional campaign. Below is a list of the planned options and their descriptions:

  • Multiplayer: Play with other players. Regardless, the game will utilize AI controlled soldiers to make sure that matches remain full.
  • Co-Op: Play with friends against enemy AI soldiers.
  • Solo: Play alone against enemy AI soldiers.

DICE and EA have also confirmed that, while two new game modes will be revealed at a later date, a Battle Royale mode will not be one of them. In addition to the Battlefield 2042 single player option, other gameplay mechanics such as changing loadouts, soldier classes, gadgets, maps, and more are explained in DICE’s latest Battlefield 2042 briefing. You can also check out the 50-minute briefing video featuring two of the game’s developers below:

Battlefield 2042 launches for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on October 22, 2021. It will cost $59.99 for last-gen and PC versions, while new-gen versions will cost $69.99.

[Source: EA Official Website, YouTube]