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Sony E3 2016 Press Conference Livestream – Watch the Big One Right Now!

Here we are, folks! It’s time for Sony’s big E3 2016 press conference! While we have gamescom (or Paris Games Week) and the PlayStation Experience to look forward to later this year, E3 is still the biggest gaming stage of the year, and we can’t wait to check out the surprises in store for us.

The show officially starts 6:00 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET!

While Microsoft decided to unveil its big gun — Project Scorpio — today, Sony has confirmed that it won’t talk about PS4 Neo in any capacity today. But who knows, right? Maybe they’ll be motivated to “answer” what Microsoft laid out; or maybe it will do that with an impressive list of games.

Don’t forget to check out our slew of E3-related features that should tide you over until Sony unloads the big guns. What are you expecting to see from today’s press conference? Can Sony possibly top last year’s E3 presser which some consider the best of all time? 

Our E3 coverage doesn’t end just here! We have a ton of game previews, news and interviews lined up, plus a few invite-only events that we’ll report on once we can. Want to keep up to date? Make sure to follow PlayStation LifeStyle’s social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus).

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