PAX East 2015 – Tearaway Unfolded Hands-On Preview (PS4)

Tearaway Unfolded, a remixed version of the PlayStation Vita game simply called Tearaway, is coming out this summer for the PS4, and it looks like it will be as great as it was when it was originally released.

Playing it at PAX East 2015, I got to experience the game’s updated visuals, remixed levels, and changed control scheme. Media Molecule apparently did a great job with the title’s graphics, as it looks like it could easily be native PS4 game rather than a ported one. They did a pretty good job with the controls as well, utilizing the motion sensors and the touchpad on the DualShock 4 controllers nicely and in a way that doesn’t really make it any more difficult than the PS Vita’s control scheme.

Actually, the only issue I really had with the change in the control method was the fact that PS4 players have to use the left analog stick to cut out shapes, rather than a touchscreen. This makes it pretty difficult to be artistic and create well drawn or well made objects, and it took a little bit of fun out of the more creative aspects of Tearaway.

While I was only able to play for a fairly short amount of time, Tearaway Unfolded looks like a port that will actually be worth your money when it comes out later this year.