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Activision Denies Rumors of Sierra Entertainment’s Closure

Rumors apparently started surfacing last week, alleging that Activision is shutting down King’s Quest studio, Sierra Entertainment yet again. The resurrected label released several games since re-opening in 2014, including Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions and Velocity 2X, but reports claim that it only has one title left in production. However, Activision has denied that it’s shutting Sierra down again. 

MCV reports that when it contacted the publisher for a comment on the rumors, it “insisted that the project remains alive.”

Sierra, formerly Sierra On-Line, closed down in 2008. At gamescom 2014, Activision announced that it’s bringing the studio back due to a big “indie movement.” Sierra’s MacLean Marshall said at the time:

I think it would be a miss if we didn’t look at the indie movement as well. For us, it is about finding the right devs with the right ideas – whether that is bringing back an old Sierra IP or something entirely new.

As for what’s next from the studio, only time will tell.

[Source: MCV]