Drinkbox Vita collection

Drinkbox Vita Collection With Guacamelee! and Severed Releases This Week

If you’ve been waffling with picking up Guacamelee!Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, or Severed for the PlayStation Vita, perhaps developer Drinkbox Studios has the deal you’ve been waiting for. On Wednesday, July 13, 2016, all three games will be bundled together for one price.

However, we don’t know what that price is just yet.

All three games have been Vita darlings, although it is slightly questionable whether someone who owns a Vita doesn’t already own at least one of these games. Seems like a great deal for a new Vita owner, as scarce as these beasts are.

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack was Drinkbox’s first Vita title, which features a mutant blob who wants to destroy all mankind. Instead of controlling a hero who will stop this blob, you play as the blob itself. Sometimes being the good guy hero is just overrated.

Guacamelee! is an action-platformer that will not please the easily frustrated. As part of the Drinkbox collection, it will include the two DLC packs released: a Costume Pack and El Diablo’s Domain level pack. Guacamelee! is a cross-buy game with the PlayStation 3, so picking up this collection will also unlock this game for the PS3.

Severed was released just earlier this year to critical acclaim. Players control Sasha, a one-armed warrior seeking her missing family in a strange fantasy world.

No idea when Drinkbox or the PlayStation Store will announce the price for the collection, but they did heavily emphasize that this is a digital collection only. As of now, they have no plans to produce a physical cartridge.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]