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Guacamelee! 2 DLC Includes New Playable Characters and a Challenge Level

Ever since Guacamelee! 2 launched to positive critical reception, it’s been fairly quiet on the Drinkbox front. However, the PlayStation Blog recently blew the lid off of the post-launch content coming to the Metroidvania. A new batch of playable characters is available now, while next week will see the addition of a new set of challenges for those Guacamelee! experts.

The “Three Enimigos” Character Pack lets you play as some of the adversaries Juan faces on his adventure. El Muñeco, Uay Pek, and Jaguar Javier will all be available as skins in the bundle. Each has their own unique skills and benefits in-game, but they each have their own drawbacks, as well. The skins also have their own associated trophies, giving players plenty of reasons to enter into Guacamelee! 2‘s ring again. The pack costs $2.99 and is available now.

However, there’s more than just character skins coming. Well, the next pack does involve character skins, but this time you’ll have to work for them. Available on December 7th, the “Proving Grounds” challenge level will test even the most skilled Guacamelee! 2 players. Taking place in the floating temple of the god Tiempochtli, the pack features 15 extra-challenging levels. It will come at $3.99, and rewards those who manage to conquer the temple’s challenges.

The DLC pack features five lucha trainers guiding Juan through a series of challenges. If you manage to make it through, you’ll be rewarded with a character skin for that trainer. These skins will also have their own sets of skills, giving Guacamelee! 2 a new sense of replayability. There’s more than that, though. If you manage to get a gold medal for each challenge, you’ll be able to face Tiempochtli himself. Come out victorious, and you’ll get a special skin that’s being kept a secret for now

Guacamelee! 2 is available now on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Are you wrestling to get these DLC packs? Let us know!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]