Sony Gives New Details on PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has released a few new details on their soon to release virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR. Alongside the new snazzy trailer that shows off some launch titles in action, we also got some tidbits on how the cinematic mode will operate.

For those who don’t know, PlayStation VR will offer users to play mostly every game inside the headset. It won’t turn the game into a first-person view, but it will allow users to sit inside a huge movie-theater like room to play some of their favorite games.

In a new blog post from the Japanese PS Blog, it was revealed the PSVR will come with three different screen sizes; large, medium, and small. The large will be equivalent to a 226-inch screen, while the medium and small will place users inside a dark virtual space that will fit your field of view better.


In addition, PSVR users will also be able to watch movies and shows (with apps like Netflix) inside the headset. This is great for early adopters of the headset as it will give them plenty of time to play around with the new device while more titles get developed.

In related news, it has been rumored for a while now that the current PS4 model won’t be able to handle the PSVR and that is one reason why Sony is developing a new model of the console, PS4 Neo. There is still no date on when the new console will ship, but rumors point to an October release.

PlayStation VR is set to release later this year on October 13.

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