Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Update Today for PS4 & Xbox One Adds Atlas Gorge Map

Sledgehammer Games announced today that a new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare update is now available for download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Adding the free Atlas Gorge Map to multiplayer and making some improvements, here’s the short list of patch notes:

  • ATLAS Gorge Map Added to MP
  • Connectivity Improvements
  • Matchmaking Improvements

In celebration of their 7th birthday, Slegdehammer Games will be hosting a week of studio events, community contests, in-game giveaways, and in-game activations beginning on Sunday, July 24.

As Sledgehammer explains, you can expect weapon drops and double XP:

For those of you still playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – THANK YOU! We love the feedback and we’re happy to support our active community. We have a number of in-game activities planned for #HammerWeek this year! First off, for our 7th Birthday we’ve got an incredible line up of Seven Weapon Variants we’re giving away to celebrate [XB1, PS4, and PC only] – we’ll also be automatically unlocking the base variants (when applicable) with each gift! So break out your calendars, build out reminders to collect the weapons missing from your armory, and simply play to unlock. Also, for all the Legendary hunters and our Grand Master Prestige hunters out there, we’re activating #2XLegendary and #DoubleXP throughout the entire week on all platforms!

The seven Weapon Drops include the SVO – Fury on Sunday, ARX-160 – Royalty on Monday, and STG44 – Smokeless on Saturday.

Are you still playing Advanced Warfare, or have you moved to Black Ops 3?

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