No Man’s Sky Guide: How to Lower Your Wanted Level

If you have been playing No Man’s Sky, you definitely have come across the Sentinels. These little or big robots are roaming around each planet making sure you don’t mess with its minerals and trading posts. However, while exploring the vast amount of planets these Sentinels will manage to get annoyed with your mining activities.

This will result in raising your wanted level. When your wanted level is increased, more sentinels are sent your way which means more robots to kill. And the more you kill the more you are wanted. The only way to lower your wanted level is to jump in your ship and fly out of the area. You can either get off the planet entirely or fly away the specific area there alerted to.

Sentinels are a pain in the butt, but they can be managed. Just make sure to keep an eye out when mining minerals, don’t attack peaceful animals and don’t get into dogfights with other ships. Just make sure to be aware of nearby Sentinels at all times.