id Software Looking Into All Possibilities for DOOM VR Including PSVR Support

id Software’s Executive Producer and Game Director, Marty Stratton, has said that DOOM VR could find its way to various platforms including Sony’s PlayStation VR. In an interview with Shacknews, he revealed that the studio isn’t tied to a single platform and can look into all possibilities. 

The way the technology is set up, we are fairly (platform) agnostic. We’ve been using the HTC Vive headsets for E3 and here [QuakeCon 2016], but we’re not really tied to anything in particular and I’m sure we will continue to look at all the possibilities as we move forward.

Elsewhere in the interview, Stratton said that several teams within Bethesda are collaborating on VR projects including the Fallout crew. When asked what challenges id has faced so far in terms of DOOM VR development, he said that the game’s fast pace can result in players wanting to throw up. However, both id and Bethesda are still trying new things and figuring out where to go from here.

For DOOM, it’s a super fast paced game, you’re doing these really fast synced glory kills and when you try to do those with VR you basically want to throw up because it’s so fast. But really what’s been fun is seeing the team that’s working on that kinda just take the essence of what we have in the world, our creatures and the amazing tech that the guys built which are all just perfect for VR and start to solve the problems. One of the things that we are showing here that is different than what we showed at E3 is a new movement mechanic through the world that people are reacting really well to and it even takes some of the elements like when you shoot the line out to show you were you are going to move it kinda slows down time a bit. So you can actually use that with your guns in combination to have this really cool almost bullet time dynamic that’s happening and it was very similar to the weapon wheel in the full game. We’re really kind of doing almost a pretty public R&D project with this where we are trying a lot of different things taking it to shows E3, here at QuakeCon, getting people’s feedback, and figuring out what the future of DOOM VR is.

The full interview goes at great length to discuss DOOM VR so make sure to follow the source link below for more.

[Source: Shacknews]