Berserk to Have a Playable Character “No One Would Expect” Says KOEI Tecmo

While KOEI Tecmo’s upcoming Mosou game based on the Berserk anime still doesn’t have a firm release date in the U.S., that hasn’t stopped PlayStation LifeStyle from chatting with the publisher to know more about the upcoming PlayStation 4 title.

In an interview set to live on the site soon, PlayStation LifeStyle chatted with Hisashi Koinuma, Producer at KOEI Tecmo about Berserk. While we weren’t able to wrangle the U.S. release date from him, he did divulge a few tasty tidbits of info, which touches on playable characters. 

PSLS: Without spoiling too much, of course, what sort of surprises should Berserk fans expect?

Hisashi: Right now we’re thinking that it might be nice to add a playable character that no one will expect. As for other surprises, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Well, there you go. There’s going to be more playable characters other than Guts confirmed! But we don’t exactly know whom. But hey, at least we’ll be surprised, right? Stay tuned to our full interview with KOEI Tecmo for more Berserk info.