PS4 4.00 firmware beta

Report: PS4 4.00 Firmware Includes Game-specific Privacy Settings, Control Over Download Order, and New Download Estimates

Now that the beta for PS4 4.00 firmware has been going for a couple of days, more beta testers have been coming forward (mostly on Reddit) to share what they have found thus far in the firmware upgrade.

A few changes have been found with downloading PlayStation 4 games and apps. One user has reported that the Downloads menu now shows two estimated times for downloads: one for completion and one for when the app can be launched. For those downloading multiple games or items, the download order can be set manually or prioritized. No more pausing all of the downloads to manually select which one to go next. 

The following other features have been found:

  • Players can set individual privacy settings for each game. This is perfect for those who are embarrassed of their guilty pleasures.
  • Live streaming now supports up to 60fps.
  • In your Friends List you can see the last date the friend was online instead of how many billions of hours ago it was.
  • Notification Box is now white instead of black.

That last one has me baffled. It’s not attractive to say the least, and it will really stand out when it pops up during a game.

PS4 4.00 firmware

See what I mean? Perhaps Sony will implement an option for the Notification Box, whether its white or black.

Are you in the PS4 4.00 beta? Have you found anything else that Reddit hasn’t?

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