Rocket League Passes 20 Million Players, 7 Million Copies Sold

On Twitter this week, Rocket League developer Psyonix announced that Rocket League had passed 20 million players since launch last summer. In a new sales update sent to GameSpot, Psyonix also confirmed that seven million copies have been sold across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Back in early July, Rocket League had over 18 million players, and 6.2 million copies were sold. The big difference between players and copies sold is because of a couple of factors: it was offered as a PlayStation Plus title on PS4 at launch, and Psyonix counts individual users who play in split-screen, even if they didn’t actually buy Rocket League.

In the September update next month, Psyonix will be adding Rumble Mode, the Octagon arena, and a free Discord community flag, while all 12 of the original rocket trails will be updated with improved visuals and performance.

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