Rocket League Update 1.21 Fixes Bugs, Psyonix Says Year 2 Will Be “Even Better” Than Year 1

Addressing some of the remaining audio and collision issues after update 1.20, developer Psyonix released Rocket League update 1.21 yesterday, which is 90MB on PlayStation 4, 85MB on PC, and 825MB on Xbox One.

Here’s the patch notes:

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Spectators would sometimes see incorrect nameplates
  • Fixed several Neo Tokyo collision issues that were causing abnormal bounces within the Arena.
  • Fixed issues with sound mix causing some effects to be too loud or “bassy”
  • Painted items are now displaying as colored in matches
  • Fixed issues with Hearts Boost audio staying on indefinitely
  • Fixed a crash related to viewing old replays in Dunk House

Yesterday also marked the first anniversary of Rocket League’s launch, and Psyonix revealed that they have big plans for year two, including new Arenas, new Garage items, new Game Modes, and new DLC:

We’re going to make our next 52 weeks even better than our first. We’re going to give you all the things we mentioned above and then we’re going to give you some more, because you deserve it. You’re our community and you’re our friends.

They also offered up an infographic, detailing some of the numbers Rocket League saw in year one:

  • Over 18 million players with 545 million matches played
  • 5.5 million DLC units sold worldwide
  • 6.2 million games sold worldwide
  • 1.1 million average daily players
  • In the last three months, 40% of active players are on PS4, with Xbox One and PC tied at 30% each
  • In terms of playlist popularity: Competitive games were at 51%, casual games at 39%, alternative modes at 8%, and private matches at 2%.
  • Most popular paint type: Glossy
  • Most popular decal: Tech
  • Most popular topper: Halo
  • Most popular trail: Standard Red
  • Most popular antenna: Skull
  • Most popular wheels: OEM
  • Most popular Battle-Car: Octane
  • Most popular DLC Battle-Car: Dominus
  • Twitch: 18.95 million total viewers, 2,728 years watched, over 500,000 content creators

What did you think of Rocket League’s first year?

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