Battlefield 1’s Dynamic Weather Ensures Variety in Battles, Impacts “Just About Everything” in Game

In a new blog post detailing Battlefield 1‘s dynamic weather, DICE has said that the system is designed to ensure all battles feel different. Explaining that there wasn’t any technology like infrared scopes and GPS in the World War 1 era to help with various weather conditions, the studio revealed that the game will capture that feeling.

As a result, all multiplayer maps will have dynamic weather that can shift things and encourage players to adjust their play style accordingly.

Dense fog, for instance, limits your vision. This makes it harder for snipers to be effective from afar and changes the spotting distance. With heavy fog, an open map can turn into a melee, close-quarter experience for a limited time. People will need to pull out their bayonets, equip themselves with shotguns, and get ready for more intimate affairs until the fog dissipates.

Rain doesn’t change how far you can see, but it can distract and distort your sight. You always look for movement when you’re scanning the horizon for threats, but rain pouring down makes this much more difficult. This change in vision changes how you’ll approach flying, too. Since visibility is affected, the rain pushes you to become more cautious when flying close to mountains or the ground.

Then, there’s also extreme weather like sandstorms in Sinai desert, which can not only limit vision but also make it difficult to fly. 

Mentioning that dynamic weather will impact “just about everything” in Battlefield 1, DICE says that players will find themselves immersed with the world both visually and thematically. 

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[Source: Battlefield]