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Here’s Some More Action From Bethesda’s Prey

Bethesda teased some footage from its upcoming title, Prey, during QuakeCon 2016 but if you want to see some more action then here’s another minute and a half of Gamescom 2016 gameplay.

You’ll see Morgan Yu inside the Talos I space station picking up the Gloo Cannon, which is described as a “multi-purpose tool that he can use to freeze the Typhon aliens in place.” According to Bethesda, it comes in handy for traversal and enables Morgan to create pathways to get to areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Additionally, he can “seal off fiery vents so he can bypass them safely.”

Morgan is also seen using the Mimic power, which he learned from aliens. Check out the video above for more. 

Prey is out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017 and is being developed by Dishonored studio, Arkane. Bethesda previously told fans that it’s neither a remake nor a sequel.

[Source: Bethesda]