Players Can Complete Watch Dogs 2 Without Shooting or Killing Anyone, Says Senior Producer

Watch Dogs 2‘s Senior Producer, Dominic Guay, has been answering fan questions on Twitter, addressing several topics such as a no-kill playthough, money-making, co-op missions, and more. 

Guay has said that it will be possible to complete the game without shooting or killing anyone. He revealed that one of the game’s level designer is currently attempting a no-kill walkthrough and is flagging any problems he encounters as bugs. “It was important to us that players are free in the style they want to play. So play stealth, play non-lethal, play guns blazing, explosive and guns, or play full hacking. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to play,” explained Guay. 

Watch Dogs 2 is set a few years after the original title and although there’s a new protagonist, players will find references to the first game. Both games share the same universe and the events of Watch Dogs 1 are “part of what happened before Watch Dogs 2.” However, the activities that are available in the sequel will be different to the ones in the original because its protagonist Marcus isn’t a vigilante like Aiden. 

Money is important for Marcus as it allows him to craft powerful equipment and make high-level purchases. Hacking is one way to make money. Another way is to infiltrate “red zones,” which are guarded areas that potentially have a stash of money hidden away. “You’ll be finding money in the world where you could expect it,” says Guay. 

Finally, Guay has clarified that players won’t be able to complete the entire story in co-op mode. “We didn’t think the co-op fitted well with the narrative nature of some of our missions,” he said. Instead, Ubisoft has created missions that are specifically designed for co-op play.

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