Free-to-Play City Builder, Big City Stories, Coming to PS4 on Tuesday

Texas-based indie studio, Hellfire Games, has announced that its free-to-play city builder, Big City Stories, will be coming to PlayStation 4 this Tuesday, August 23.

Considered a fusion of city-building, open-world and MMO games, Big City Stories plays in third-person view and allows players to “drop down to street level with the touch of a button” and no loading screen. Here are some of the features included:

  • Highly customizable avatars with a large selection of clothing items and emotes/animations.
  • A vehicle system that lets you commandeer and drive vehicles.
  • Interactive objects such as stunt ramps and air jets that you can place anywhere.
  • Action-packed mini-games.

Revealing that he was one of the original developers of Ultima Online, Hellfire co-founder Jeff Posey said that he “always wanted to take the MMO experience to PlayStation consoles.” As a result, Big City Stories will offer multiplayer features that aren’t found in traditional city builders. 

For example, we’ve made cities persistent spaces so your friends can hang out with you; they can even check out your city when you’re offline. We’ve also added public spaces like a train station where you can make new friends.

At present, Big City Stories is only launching in the USA but it’ll expand to other regions “soon.”

[Source: PlayStation]