Yet More Proof the PS4 Slim Exists Comes from an Unboxing Video

Yes, Sony still refuses to confirm that a new Slim version of the PlayStation 4 exists. But we all know that it does exist. In fact, here’s some more proof: an unboxing video of the PS4 Slim.

Laura Kate Dale from Let’s Play Video Games unboxed such a device that she received from “a retail store manager who sold the unit on eBay.” She further insists that while the store manager admitted they broke the street date, they did not steal the stock from Sony or any other distributor. In her video, she reveals the console’s features, the new controller, and even takes a spin through a bit of the instruction manual.

Laura noted two big changes in the system compared to the current one. The first one is the lack of an audio optical port. If you were planning on picking up a PS4 Slim and only have a headset with optical port connectivity, you may want to rethink either the console purchase or buying a new headset. Many wireless headsets do require an optical port, so be sure to double check.

The second change is the controller. The touchpad on top of the controller now has a thin strip allowing players to see the lightbar colors on the front of the controller. For the games that make real use of the lightbar, such as signaling a status of health, this could come in handy. The controller can also be set as wireless or wired, and she noted that when the controller is used as a wired one, the button inputs are more frame precise than before. This feature is sure to excite both fighting game fans and speedrunners.

Laura also mentioned that the hard drive of the Slim is easier to replace. 

There is now a thin piece of plastic on the rear corner of the console which, when removed easily by hand, exposes the SATA drive port. You simply undo one screw with a standard screwdriver, replace your drive, and replace the screw. The plastic covering then clips back on, but it is worth noting the thin nature of the plastic does make it feel a little flimsy and in danger of breaking when trying to clip it back into place. I removed and replaced it thirty consecutive times to test its durability and it did hold up, but it never felt terribly secure.

You can check out her full review here. We believe Sony is keeping up with these denials because of their upcoming PlayStation Meeting in New York on September 7, 2016.

[Sources: Let’s Play Video Games via GameInformer]