Vampyr Takes Between 15 to 30 Hours to Complete, Depending on Play Style

Following in the footsteps of Life Is Strange was always going to be a test. Happily, Dontnod Entertainment has taken up the challenge, with the team still hard at work on delivering Vampyr, an action RPG that tasks players with making tough choices in order to survive.

Despite getting our hands on the game during E3 2016, as well as interviewing the studio itself, we’re still finding new information about Vampyr. The new knowledge comes at the hands of WCCFtech, whom at the end of a recent developer presentation, asked just how long the game would be. The answer was surprisingly specific:

Apparently, it will take about fifteen hours to complete Vampyr’s main storyline, and about twice as much if you want to grab all the collectibles and complete secondary quests as well.

So there you go, clear as blood! Want to race through and experience just the story? Then Vampyr will take you around 15 hours. Aiming to complete all side missions, and search every nook and cranny for collectibles? Expect to invest up to 30 hours.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Dontnod about the game, and of course, our hands-on preview.

Are you excited to play Vampyr? Think you’ll try to collect everything, or just consume the story? Let us know.

[Source: WCCFtech]