Battlefront 3 gameplay video

Canceled Battlefront 3 Gameplay Video Rises From 2008 Grave

LucasArts canceled Battlefront 3 when it was close to launch in 2008, which disappointed many Battlefront fans at the time. The game advertised both land battles and space dogfights, additionally allowing players to fly from planets into outer space to partake in more battles. Some Battlefront 3 gameplay footage has surfaced, such as the video above, which is an “unfinished alpha” of a training mission.

It’s not much to look at to be sure, but remember this is an alpha build from 2008. In this mission, two heroes from the Old Republic are sent to Tatooine on a mission (the training mission for the player). They climb into their fighters and then tear out to space and land on the desert planet. The video below picks up exactly where the one above left off, with the characters arriving on Tatooine and consequently fending off an attack from the Tusken Raiders (Sandpeople).

We’ll obviously never know what might have been, but we can hope that future DLC for Star Wars Battlefront will capture what Battlefront 3 attempted to do.

[Source: VG24/7]