Destiny Update Today Fixes Some Issues Ahead of Rise of Iron Tomorrow

At 10am PT/1pm ET today, Bungie will be releasing Destiny update and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as hotfixes. “After Hotfix and become available for download, the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles may remove players from Destiny to download and install the updates either immediately or after players return to orbit at the end of their current activity,” Bungie adds. You may also receive the CAT error code when this happens.

Both Hotfix and will need to be fully downloaded and installed before you can log back in to Destiny, and the hotfixes may “download and install as a single update or in close succession to each other.” These latest updates are being made as final preparation for the Rise of Iron expansion, which will be available at 2am PT/5am ET/9am UTC on September 20.

Here’s the patch notes for today’s hotfixes:


  • Fixed an issue where gear was not showing up properly in Kiosks
  • Fixed an issue where audio could cut out during long sessions
  • Added localization updates for Rise of Iron content


  • Fixed an issue with quest tracking not functioning properly on Cosmodrome and Mars
  • Fixed an issue with quest tracking not functioning properly for City Tower or City Tower NPCs


  • Fixed an issue with the volume of certain Shaxx lines


  • Fixed an issue where Film Grain was inadvertently added
  • Fixed an issue that shortened the revive interaction time and extended revive distance to pre 2.2.0 values

Bungie also addressed the recent virus in Destiny, saying, “We are aware of an unauthorized transmission of tech mites in the Crucible. Early reports indicate that this is resulting in increased XP gains, but we have yet to substantiate those claims.”

After the launch of Rise of Iron tomorrow, the latest Raid will go live on September 23, with Trials of Osiris returning on September 30.

If you want to get caught up on Destiny’s story so far, check out the above video from Arekkz Gaming (recap starts at 1:05).

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