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PS4 Pro – Every Important Info We Know So Far

In 2013, New York played host to the PlayStation 4 reveal event, a landmark announcement for Sony that stoked excitement for the holiday season all without revealing the actual hardware itself. Indeed few would have predicted that the PS4 would hit the ground running in such spectacular fashion, and fewer still would’ve wagered that the industry would be prepping for a revamped model only three years later.

And yet here we are; PlayStation 4 Pro is real. It’s a new, premium console SKU due to launch this November touting 4K graphics support and streaming, compatibility with HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery and, by tapping into AMD’s new Polaris GPU, smoother and more consistent gaming experiences.

It’ll exist alongside the PS4 Slim, essentially, and is considered by many to be a means of future-proofing the PlayStation hardware family. That means all future titles will be enhanced for PS4 Pro from the off, while previous games will receive the technical post via a patch. It’s certainly exciting, particularly for those technical savants gunning for native 4K gaming experiences, but it’s fair to say that the incremental upgrade can be a little confusing — if not daunting.

Fear not, for we’ve put together a comprehensive overview of all things PS4 Pro. So go right ahead, flick through the gallery below for all the necessary info pertaining to Sony’s premium console SKU.

PlayStation 4 Pro has been earmarked for launch on November 10, and you readily expect our typical Everything You Need to Know post closer to the time. Sony’s premium hardware will retail for $399, but after reading through our comprehensive info dump, do you believe this is an incremental upgrade worth picking up?

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