No Split-Screen for Uncharted 4 Multiplayer After All

The Uncharted 4 Bounty Hunters DLC is now available, which includes the New Devon map for the multiplayer along with a number of performance fixes. The Naughty Dog team livestreamed some of the gameplay earlier to show the new maps and new features of the DLC. Several new weapons, boosters, and taunts have been added. The biggest additions, aside from the New Devon map, was the confirmation that the Village map from Uncharted 2 will return, the Mystical ability, and a new Cinema Replay Mode. With Cinema Replay, players can watch their last 10 matches using a free-cam to zoom in and view the match from various angles. 

Also during the livestream, Community Manager Scott Lowe confirmed that there will not be split-screen support for Uncharted 4 multiplayer. He said that while the team did consider it, they decided to focus on creating new content instead. He also mentioned that a “classic mode” is under consideration, but they haven’t made any decisions on that quite yet. He did not go into further details on what the “classic mode” could be.

To sum up, here is what the Bounty Hunters DLC includes if you haven’t yet downloaded it:

  • Village map (from Uncharted 2)
  • Weapons: DC Single Action, RKL-155, Lowe-S, Harrison 1890, and US-AN 12
  • Boosters:
    • Lock ‘n’ Load – ammo pickups immediately load in clip
    • Undisturbed – can charge melee while rolling and climbing
    • Silent Assassin – silently kill an enemy without the rest of the team knowing
    • Weapons Expert – aim while vaulting, falling, or jumping
  • Mystical: Shield of Asgard – reduces damage for a time
  • Modes: Bounty Hunter and Cinema Replay

[Source: Naughty Dog Twitch via Gamespot]