Extended World of Final Fantasy Gameplay Spotlights Online Battles and Trading

Curious as to how the online battle system functions in World of Final Fantasy? Wonder no more!

An insightful new video published by PlayStation Access spotlights that very feature, all the while drawing attention to the trading system included in Square’s cutesy RPG. Set in the fantastical realm of Grymoire, World of Final Fantasy is akin to a greatest hits of the long-running franchise, including scores of characters and monsters from all across the FF timeline. Just least week, for instance, we caught wind that a chibi-form Rikku, the Al Bhed girl who appeared across both FFX and FFX-2, will be included when the game makes its bow later this month.

World of Final Fantasy will feature that all-important Cross-Save feature when the cutesy title makes a beeline for PS4 and Vita on October 25. If you’re pining for more content, our hands-on impressions piece from PAX West 16 ought to pique your curiosity.

[Source: PlayStation Access (YouTube)]