Adult Swim Games’ Small Radios Big Televisions Releases on November 8

Adult Swim Games has announced that its upcoming title, Small Radios Big Televisions, will release for the PlayStation 4 on November 8. Described as “a game about exploring digital places stored in analog media,” we’re encouraged to explore “once-inhabited structures” in search of tapes that will help guide our journey.

Here’s an official description alongside a new gameplay video above.

Strewn across the floors of empty monoliths are lost data cassettes containing visions of a time long gone. But more than showing you, your mysterious tape deck instantly transports you to these boundless virtual worlds. In Small Radios Big Televisions, reality is just as interchangeable as the media we consume.

Solve mechanical puzzles to collect all the cassettes tapes and discover the secrets of the abandoned factories. Explore and manipulate the audio-visual data to reconstruct the past, discovering strikingly retrowave tunes along the way.

Any of our readers planning to pick this up?