Small Radios Big Televisions Announced for PS4, is a Very Strange Game

In development since last summer, Small Radios Big Televisions was announced for PlayStation 4 and PC today, and it’s described as “a game about exploring digital places stored in analog media.” To try to understand what exactly that means, check out the above announcement trailer.

Admittedly a “strange game,” Small Radios Big Televisions sees you finding old data cassettes inside deserted factories. Putting the cassettes into your special tape deck, you’ll enter entirely different worlds that you can explore. As developer Owen Deery puts it, his original idea was, “What if you could put on a virtual reality album the same way you do with a music album, or a movie?”

Deery continued by talking a bit more about the game:

The tapes in the game are tapes for a reason, too. Unlike a compact disc or a memory card the magnetic tape inside a cassette can easily be warped by magnetic fields. If you come across a strong magnetic device, why not stick one of your tapes in and see what happens?

Music and sound design are a massive part of the game as well. I want it to feel like you’re hearing the soundtrack played back through an old tape deck with big bass-y headphones. All the music in the game is synthesized and bare-bones to manage that retrowave feel.

What are your initial thoughts of Small Radios Big Televisions?

[Source: PS Blog]